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Web Design Tips

Update Your Site Yourself...Easily!

At last there's an inexpensive product that allows you to safely update your own site from any browser. No HTML knowledge is required, multiple users can be given different privileges, and it's virtually impossible to wreck your pages.

Add Your Voice to Your Web Site

Adding the sound of your own voice has many benefits for the web owner. And now it's as easy as making a phone call!

How to Hide Your Site from the Search Engines So You Can Play More

If you have way too many customers trying to buy your products and services, you may want to make your web site invisible. Follow these tips and never worry about having too much traffic! :-)

Should You Spend $39 for Search Engine Traffic?

Buying your way into MSN Search may be a good idea. It's the third most popular search engine, but because of the smaller number of sites in its database, you might not have as much competition for your keywords.

Update Your Site Instantly with SSI

In a large site, updating identical information (such as the copyright date) on every page is a time-consuming task. Make short work of it using Server Side Includes (SSIs).

Branding Basics

Branding is the process by which you try to become the first business a person thinks of when they consider buying goods or services in your category. If you can "own" a word in the public's mind, you have a huge competitive advantage.

A New Way to Protect Yourself Against Spam

Whenever a problem gets big enough, you can be sure an entrepreneur will come up with a solution. If you're tired of all the spam you're getting, you might want to check out SpamArrest.

12 Steps to Creating Your Own Ezine

Once you've decided to publish your own newsletter, you may wonder where to start. This article will give you some guidance on all the steps necessary to create a quality product.

Six Reasons You Should Publish a Newsletter

Here are my top six reasons why the effort you put into an ezine will pay off in spades. Check these out and start making your list of topics!

How to Get Quality Sites to Link to Yours

One way to improve your site's ranking in the search engines is with quality incoming links. Learn about a new system that will take a lot of the work out of accomplishing this important task.

Start Selling Online with No Investment

Once you set up an online store with Cafe Press, you will be able to sell a variety of branded products from the web. They take care of all the details from manufacturing the goods to delivery to payment. All you do is select which products you want to sell and upload your graphics.

Is Your Web Site Paying for Itself?

Your web site is part of your marketing budget, and therefore an important business expense. But are you getting a good return on your investment? Make sure it's paying for itself before you decide to keep it up for the next year.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Site

Learn a simple way to discover if someone is using your material on their site, how copyright can help you, and a few things that probably won't work.

This is a cautionary tale for our times. It describes how I discovered my web site had been stolen, and what I did about it.

Make Your Site a Search Engine Magnet

To create a home page that will rank well in the search engines and attract new visitors once they arrive takes some advance planning. Knowledge of a few key points can make all the difference in the success of your site.

Tools to Track Your Site Visitors

Site Meter and WebTrends are two tools that can help you learn more about your site's visitors. Track your most popular pages, discover what terms are being typed into search engines to find you, find out where your visitors live, and lots more.

Getting Your Newsletter or Ezine Past the Spam Filters

Honest internet entrepreneurs are getting caught in the web of anti-spam filters that have been set out to block unwanted emails. Now there's a free tool you can use to make sure your newsletter or ezine doesn't contain material that will get it blocked.

Analyze Your Server Logs to Improve Your Web Site

Server logs are an incredible source of information about your site's visitors. You can use this data to judge the effectiveness of your offline marketing, find your most (and least) popular pages, learn what terms people are using in search engines to find you, and more.

Let Other Sites Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engines will improve your ranking if you have quality sites that link to yours. Learn several ways to make this work for you.

Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

If you're trying to get your web site a high ranking in the search engines there are several easy steps you can take that won't cost you a thing. This article shows how to create a list of key words and describes where to place them for maximum effect.

Create the Perfect Web Menu

As your web site grows larger it becomes more important to have a clear, intuitive navigation system in place for your visitors. This article discusses several different menu types to include on your site and some advice on making sure ALL your visitors can easily get to every page.

Create Your Logo in Six Steps

Your company logo is a critical component of your business identity. Here are six easy steps to help you create your own or work with a designer.

Optimize Your Images!

Computer monitors can't show photos or other graphics with anywhere near the accuracy you get with print. Sending your web designer the highest quality graphics to work with will allow them to look as good as possible in this medium.

Your Site Looks Different!

Although you send the same code to every computer that pulls up your site, it may look quite different to different users. This article explores a few of the major factors that affect the way your site looks on different systems.

Make Your Site Accessible

If you're not aware of accessibility issues on the web, you may be preventing many visitors from understanding the content of your site. This article points out a few ways to be more inclusive.

Using Style Sheets in Your Site

Cascading Style Sheets can reduce the amount of code in your web site, and at the same time make it easier to update. Learn why you should use this valuable tool.

Revise Your Old Site

After you've had a site for a couple of years, you'll probably want to completely revise it. But how do you begin? This article gives you a few pointers to get you started.

Compress Those Photos!

Photos should be compressed with JPEG to reduce the download time of a web page.

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